How to Make Solar Panels Out of Aluminum Foil

build your own solar panels

Our future depends on our ability to find and exploit new alternative sources, because the oil, coal and natural gas reserves will not last forever, and, as the technology advances every year, new projects and materials appear, making solar panels systems more accessible, and even allowing people everywhere to learn how to make solar panels out of aluminum foil.

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The first solar panel technology was based on mono-crystalline cells that absorbed the sunlight, but as the costs were higher than what most people could afford, the polycrystalline solar panels were invented, which are almost as good as the mono-crystalline solar panels.

solar panels can be made from tin foil and many other materials, they are especially useful in hot countries that do not have a power supply.

Can Anyone Make Solar Panels?

As the prices of fossil fuels get higher, we turn towards the ever-present free solar energy. We see famous companies, such as GE Electric or Evergreen Solar, designing and producing high quality solar panels that have stiff prices, and cannot fit within the tight limits of our budgets.

The solution is to make solar panels at home. They are cheaper and they work just like the commerce panels. You don’t need any experience in the field, as there are many guides you can rely on.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Solar Panels?

A panel can be built with even less than $300, depending on how big it is, and on how many photovoltaic cells it must have in order to cover the amount of electricity required on a daily basis.

If you don’t have enough money to buy photovoltaic cells, you should consider learning how to make solar panels out of aluminum foil, an even cheaper solution.

Even the famous brands research for ways to make the panels cheaper and lighter than those made of silicone. Some years ago, it was discovered that, instead of the large and heavy traditional solar panels, aluminum foil could be used to absorb the heat.

How to Make Solar Panels Out of Aluminum Foil

There are many ways to make a solar panel using aluminum foil, so, until you find the solution that suits your interests, it is better to search around in specialized stores or online, for a guide you can trust and follow. Here are two examples of how can you make and use panels from aluminum foil.

a) The easiest method is to use more of a solar foil than a panel, in order to produce electricity and power your entire house.

The solar foil is made of 5 different layers – the bottom layer is an aluminum foil, the fourth layer is a molybdenum electrode, the third layer is an absorber and conductor made of a mix of copper, indium, gallium and selenium, the second layer represents the p / n junction, a semiconductor that does not absorb light, and the first layer is a clear zinc oxide semiconductor. All these layers are like paint coats, making the foil very light.

How does it work? The photons from the sun hit the solar foil, travel through the first two layers and reach the absorbing layer. As they are absorbed, the photons are excited and they explode into positive and negative charge. The positive charge stays in the third layer, as the negative charge travels to your wires through the zinc oxide semiconductor and the molybdenum semiconductor. After the electrons (negative charge) travel throughout your electrical system, they return to the solar foil to complete the circuit.

This is a difficult way to make them, and you will certainly need guidance on how to make solar panels out of aluminum foil. If it is hard or expensive to get all the chemicals you need for the coating, perhaps you should consider another method.

b) The solar panels used for thermal purposes – they are made of a copper sheet on top of which there are soldered copper tubes.

The frame is made of anodized aluminum and secure glass, isolated with 2 inch thick polyurethane, an aluminum membrane on the interior and aluminum foil on the exterior.

The aluminum foil is soldered on top of the copper tubes. The foil is coated with a dark paint made of titan oxide. This way, the thermal absorption is up to 95% and the reflection of the sunlight is minimized, so the loss is less than 5%.

Water will circulate inside the copper tubes, heating up a room, the entire house, a pool, or whatever you want. You can also use the water for kitchen or bathroom, and thus save on the water utility bill. If you already have a boiler, using the heated water from the solar panels will help you save money on the electricity bill.

Learning how to make solar panels out of aluminum foil gives you two possibilities to save money on long term. Not only can you break away from your electricity provider, but you can also make the hot water from your utility supplier a second choice, after that produced by the thermal solar panel.

What Advantages Do Homemade Aluminum Solar Panels Bring?

Like the rest of the solar panels, the solar panels made out of aluminum foil are environmental–friendly, they require low maintenance and they have a long lifetime. They are also pretty easy to build and install, depending on the type you choose and their intended purpose.

The benefits are that you can reduce the electricity costs or eliminate the electricity or the hot water bill completely. The electricity you produce is all free, and you can heat up the entire house in the same manner.

Even the government knows the advantages of alternative energy sources such as solar panels, and that is why there are many national or local programs that help people by granting incentives or deductions on the construction and installation projects for solar panels.

As you can see, the omnipresent sunlight can now turn into a cheap way to produce electricity and heat for your home for free, so, it is up to you whether you learn how to make solar panels out of aluminum foil or you keep working to pay the bills.

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