How Can I Make Solar Panels at Home myself?

build your own solar panels

Solar energy is an opportunity we should all exploit, but, since buying solar panels can involve investments of thousands of dollars, all we are left with is the same old question – “How can I make solar panels at home?”

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Luckily, the answer is no longer the electricity companies’ best kept secret, and neither an impossible dream. Sources reveal that valuable sets of blueprints and plans were stolen from under the vigilant eye of the electricity gurus, and made the subject of numerous do it yourself guides available online for quite competitive prices.

solar panels can be made from tin foil and many other materials, they are especially useful in hot countries that do not have a power supply.

Leaving provenience aside, these guides are very important, because as the customer reviews assure, they teach people how to build photovoltaic panels at home, using cheap but reliable materials and requiring no special experience or skills.

Given the circumstances, all someone who wishes to build PV panels has to do is to find a reliable guide and order it. It may seem complicated for someone with little or no knowledge in the field, so here are a few pieces of advice that may turn out useful:

• Look for a guide in PDF format, because guides in this category are usually less expensive, the PDF format involves smaller dimensions and it allows a better management of the content.

• Ask for a sample, to make sure the blueprints are written in plain, common English, and do not use controversial terms you may have a hard time understanding.

• Verify if the guide includes drawings, schematics or pictures, so that you can follow the operations you perform, and make sure you are on the right track.

• Look for suppliers with a solid reputation, who offer money back guarantees. If they offer such a guarantee, you will probably not need it, which is good.

• Check for customer reviews or opinions on specialty forums. The best way to know what you’re getting is to talk about it with people who already own it.

How Can I Make Solar Panels at Home Using a PDF DIY Guide?

The question could not possibly have a simpler answer – just follow the instructions in the guide. Seriously, if the guide is reliable, it will teach you all the details of the solar panels construction process.

You will find an introductory part that will fill in the blanks, a list with the materials you need in order to build the panels, step by step assembly instructions and a brief installation guide.

Most guides also include a series of tips on where to find cheap materials or how to minimize the efforts and increase the efficiency.

Just in case yours doesn’t, here are a few pieces of information you may find useful:

• New solar cells are a bit expensive, so you may want to try used or broken cells.

• For higher efficiency, consider using surplus cells, as they can produce over one volt each.

• Solar cells are usually delivered fixed in wax, to avoid transportation breaking, but the wax is very difficult to remove, so you may want to cover the losses of a couple of broken cells instead of wasting hours to remove the wax.

• To improve the panels’ resistance, glue a Plexiglas sheet over the plywood. It will work miracles against the summer heat, the wind and the rain.

Another question that comes to life as “How can I make solar panels at home?” gets its answer is “Where should I install the solar panels?”.

Some people install them on the roof, others leave them lying on the ground in their backyard, and quite a few people build special railings. Each of these methods has its ups and downs.

For example, installing the panels on the roof can be quite a challenge, as it involves finding the connection elements and measuring and handling the panels in quite uncomfortable positions. On the other hand, the roof being quite tall, it eliminates the possibility for trees or other buildings to cast their shadow over the panels and to prevent them from using sunlight to their maximum potential.

The backyard comes with the advantage of the simpler installation, of the ability to reach the panels easier in case of malfunctions. Theoretically, open space placement is ideal for all day exposure to sunlight. However, practice shows that several panels are required to cover a household’s needs, and that often involves taking away all the space available in the yard. Also the fence, the neighbor’s homes or the nearby trees often act as obstacles between the panels and the sunrays, dramatically decreasing the efficiency of the panels.

The last option, to have the panels installed on special railings, removes some of the inconveniences related to the backyard placement, allowing that the panels be placed at considerable heights, but they also involve additional work and materials, which leads us back to the first choice – the roof. If the roof allows it, it is better to have the solar panels lying flat. If not, installing them on the south side is the best choice you have.

How Can I Make Solar Panels at Home for a Living?

This is probably a question you haven’t asked yourself before, but quite of few people have found the answer interesting, so chances are it will get your attention too. You can indeed make solar panels for a living, and the best thing about it is that you won’t need other investments than the solar panels you build for your home.

You have no idea how far neighborhood gossip goes. Before you finish installing your panels, all your neighbors and acquaintances will know about it and will be thriving for details. All you need to do is to make your panels as attractive and professional looking as possible.

There is no doubt they will be just as efficient, and the price, representing just one fifth of the average market value, will speak for itself.

Before you know it, people will trade your initial question, “How can I make solar panels at home?” for a new one – “Can you make solar panels for my home too?”

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