DIY Solar Panels

build your own solar panels

DIY solar panels are swiftly becoming very popular and the great thing is they are not as expensive as you may have been led to believe, in recent years a number of individuals have blown the lid on the industry and this is causing quite a storm. If you have researched the prices of solar energy systems you will know they are extremely expensive, yes they will save you money in the long run but the outlay until now has been quite high. Well not any more, the trend in do it yourself PV panels is taking off at an astonishing rate. What once cost thousands to produce are now being made for peanuts, solar panel construction guides have now been made available to the public and the power companies are “not” happy, these guides will not only show you how to make your solar panels they will tell you where to obtain the components.

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Diy Solar Panels versus pre-made

Diy Solar PanelsIf you were wondering what the difference is between pre-constructed solar panels and pre-made photovoltaic panels then the answer is this, ready made cells will cost more and have a brand label. Home made photovoltaic panels will produce electricity in just the same way and they will cost just a fraction of the price, another reason to consider making the panels yourself is that they are not hard to construct, you see just about anyone can make them and the construction plans will outline the assembly in easy stages.

solar panels can be made from tin foil and many other materials, they are especially useful in hot countries that do not have a power supply.

How long does it take to build your own solar energy system and PV panels?

Typically you can construct your own DIY solar energy system in a single weekend, obviously larger systems would take longer to build. For example lets say you were wanting to power a large chicken shed or agricultural building, this may take a little longer but the savings made will be huge. A large scale renewable energy system would cost a kings ransom if purchased direct from a solar energy company, self made though it would save you an amazing amount of money.

Earn money by building DIY Solar Panels

Home made solar panels or photovoltaic panels can be built by just about anyone and also they also offer a great earning opportunity, if you have learned how to build them their is nothing from stopping you from selling them to your friends and relatives. In the first few months of use you can easily earn the back the money you spent on the components, just imagine having an electricity bill of zero. Now if you showed that bill to 5 people how many of them would be envious and want the same solar energy systems themselves? probably all of them. The great thing is they will have no idea how easy it is to build the systems, all they will know is that you built them in a few days and are now saving hundreds a month on your energy bills, imagine the money you could make for just a couple of days work.

Will Home made Solar Panels work in the winter?

One of the biggest concerns people have about solar power is this, do I have to live in a sunny climate? the answer is quite simply no, solar panel requires light and yes strong sunlight is better but solar panels will still collect light on a cloudy day. Also they work superbly in colder climates and are ideal for remote buildings that have no source from the electric grid, they are widely used in Alaska and also in countries such as Sweden and Norway.

Do it yourself PV Panel Plans

When the first solar panel building guides were made available there were some people who tried to block them, for many years there have been suspicions that the big corporations buy up PV panel plans for renewable energy sources, the difference with solar power is that it is far too well known to cover up, Luckily their are some tutorials available for diy solar panels available on the Internet, these will outline both the building process and the component list.

Knowing how popular the subject is, you must have wondered quite a few times why complete details on how to make solar panels for your home are so hard to find. Yes, you find bits of it scattered all over the web, but nothing that actually makes senses from the beginning to the end, nothing explicit enough to let you start the project that will change your life.

Well, things are about to change. You know that sooner or later, the truth gets to the surface. This is one of those occasions. After years of struggling with the electricity companies, and you have no idea how stubborn and protective they can be when it comes to their interests, we have managed to gather valuable information and even blueprints and schematics that make the building of solar panels as simple as putting together a 5th grade science project.

Why You Should Not Find Out How to Make Solar Panels for Your Home

You cannot be so naïve as to believe these modern world gurus would voluntarily let you stop buying electricity from them and stop the flow of monthly payments filling their pockets. Besides, it is not just about you.

Studies show that one successful project is enough to motivate an entire neighborhood, and, within a short period of time, tens of other homeowners in that area cancel their contracts with the electricity providers or the value of their bills decreases with more than 75 %. Do your math and you’ll understand why any guides or blueprints on how to make solar panels for your home suddenly become a major threat to powerful people all over the world.

Of course, there are numerous companies selling and installing solar panels worldwide. But who do you think is running those companies? Why do you think their prices are so high? What better alternative to play with people’s minds and to show that the change they so much desire is not worth making, than to offer them the solution of their dreams, for a price they cannot afford to pay or high enough to make them look the other way?

Otherwise, how would you explain that you can build solar panels at home, using accessible materials and tools you already have for just a fifth of the solar panels average buying price? Yes, that is correct. You can do it yourself, and guess what! It doesn’t take much time or extraordinary efforts either. It can be as simple as building a shelter for your dog or a tree house for your kid, perhaps even simpler.

The Revolutionary DIY System or How to Make Solar Panels for Your Home Cheap and Fast

As mentioned above, we have managed to intercept a valuable flow of information. Of course, it was all complicated sketches and formulas we could not understand, but there was nothing our scientist friends could not translate for us.

To make sure we had every single detail right, we built quite a few solar panels from scratch and we reviewed the instructions until there was not a single thing we could change about them. Our methods are verified and proven successful. More than that, every piece of information is written in a comprehensible and easy to follow language that even your kids could understand.

The drawings are detailed and intuitive, and the overall structure of our do it yourself system is catchy and entertaining. While working to make things easier for you, we realized that an important part in determining the success of any construction process is for the people involved to understand the meaning of their actions.

With that in mind, we have included a valuable introductive part, teaching you not only how to make solar panels for your home, but also what photo voltaic panels are, the principles of their functioning and how they should be built and installed for maximum efficiency. As far as the required materials are concerned, we came up with a simple and easy to put together list. Some of the items on it are probably already lying somewhere in your toolbox or workshop, while the other can be found in any local store for quite affordable prices. Of course, improvisation is never a bad thing, and we managed to gather quite a few valuable alternatives, to help you save money and to increase the efficiency of your PV panels, but you will discover all that and more as soon as you try our revolutionary system.

We have not forgotten about the installation part either, and you will undoubtedly find our observations quite helpful and our installation guide a trouble saver. Considering the helpful information, the practical advice and the detailed instructions we provide, the price we charge is just symbolic. That is because, just like you, we are tired of the electricity companies’ tyranny and we would like to put an end to it.

How to Make Solar Panels for Your Home and Money at the Same Time

Perhaps you don’t see the implications right now, but what we are offering here, is not just a way out from subjugating contract with your electricity provider, but also a chance for you to make money and perhaps even start your own business. The greatest thing is that you don’t need further investments. Our blueprints and the skills you acquire will be your most powerful weapons in conquering the whole neighborhood and perhaps the whole city.

Just think about it: everyone seeing you at work or hearing about your successful experience will want to go green and have their own solar panel system. Who better to build it than you, having everything it takes to succeed and a fresh sample of your knowledge and skills? So you see, learning how to build solar panels for your home, you actually learn how to change your life for the better, how to save and make money at the same time, which is more than you can say about any other offers you may have received until now.